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todayApril 24, 2019

News + Cyber | A new identity

We like new thing, that’s exactly why we completely changed our design. We are trying to keep up to date for our customers. All the details The new identity contains new sections including: events and posts. We also included Job offers in careers page and the list will not [...]

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Cyber Security Is Not Optional

Cyber attacks caused $7 billion in 2021. Evaluate now your business. Assess the risks.

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In the last years, there are a million mailing addresses and they are distributed in Romania. Most things are presented in the care of things in public institutions. They used their addresses to connect to a dating site or a job online.

Over 1 million accounts compromised

Over 1 million accounts in Romania are listed in one of the latest data leaks. Tens of thousands of websites in Romania are affected, being exposed hundreds of thousands of accounts of their users.

The map of cyber attacks

The Cyber ​​Attacks Portal,, has made a map of cyber attacks that shows in real time the attacks that affect the citizens and institutions in Romania.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through its own cybersecurity awareness campaign, Zamolxis Services aims to raise awareness of the danger to be reported on this subject and provides assistance to individuals in Romania.



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